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Sunday, October 09, 2005

I love this pic.

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

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Sunday, September 25, 2005



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Monday, September 05, 2005

Anime Nerds

So..... Holiday weekend...... Lauren and I are the only non cabiners and so we hung out together and went flea marketing. Of course us being who we are we cant go anywhere without having an odd experience with weird creepy people. So... Lauren and I are fat asses and we wanted some churros, but they had to make them first. While we were waiting some german churro addicted man was standing there and talking to us while eating his churro and waiting to buy two more. He was asking us if we were going to the Disco Tech and telling us how much He loves the churros. After that we flea marketed some more and came across an asian man who invented a blinking jumprope and some type of hula hoop. He came up to us and was like "try it!!! Try it !!!!!" and we were just "merrrr we cant hula hoop for our life" so he hula hooped for us and it was WONDERFUL!!!! ^.^ Towards the end lauren became a ninjin..... *secrecy!!!!* and my mom attacked us to go smell stuff.... but lauren has no sense of smell.... Later that day some lady gave us a flyer to go to the Aniime Festivalness in sacremento, we want ed to go but we couldnt get there so instead we planned to rent years and years of anime..... that plan failed too due to blockbusters lame collection. Instead we just rented May and InuYasha <3> <3

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Thursday, August 11, 2005


BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAVAGE QUEST!!! *plans to finish my last three posts soon* ._.;

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


HOLY CRAP! I never wrote about the concert!!!!! WHAT WAS I THINKING. Jesus..... Im sooo fat that I wont even type stories about my life anymore..... whats wrong with me?! ok, well anyways...... I will finish this later because I cant procrastinate anymore on my outlining ._., *shakes fist* damn you AP bio summer work.... damn youuuuuuu......

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Saturday, August 06, 2005

The World

since im too tired to type things im going to make notes so i can remember later: ~~~train ride of my spazness ~~~sf ~~~angie/ izzy/ awesomeness + funness ~~~totoro! ~~~muni ~~~STEVE X_x ~~~xyz ie: flydown man ~~~stores ~~~fatslice foreva diseased ~~~sweatshirt of greatness ~~~49...... 49....... 49...... 49...... >.> 47!!!!!!!!!!! ~~~pigmies who have giant safety pins and eat jello ~~~woo lets dye my hair ~~~purple ~~~foil of death ~~~ack washing time ~~~MY BANG! ~~~hose ~~~erins car = retarded ~~~pantry singing stories ~~~chair cleanage! ~~~IHOP ~~~creepy cheese bread ~~~dollar tree ~~~honey buns :C ~~~HOLEGRAPHIC TATOO ~~~awesome purchases ~~~SPIN ART BITCHES ~~~retarded phone calls = lance ~~~the secret finally solved..... revealed..... ~~~toys r us ~~~awesome games!!!!!! (or so they seem) ~~~spin art! wait...... NEON spin art! ~~~hp scene it! ~~~atmosfear ~~~merr fooooood ~~~SPAGETTIOS! ~~~icees hate me ~~~creepy lady ~~~mingling about target ~~~ATMOSFEAR PURCHASING! ~~~ugh 3 players ~~~calling all friends and not 1 can hang out = you suck and are a loser ~~~david :D ~~~erin forgot the song :C ~~~tastey vegan burgers ~~~dont forget the cup! ~~~uuuuggggghhhh family matters ~~~japanese festival ~~~heeeyyyyyy you! do we know you? ~~~palo alto = university st. ~~~walking ~~~yes, you can have that futon ~~childrens artwork = futon ~~~want some? ~~~q-cup....... >:( ~~~grooossssness ~~~square ~~~awesome people who are beautiful ~~~vegitarian food place ~~~nice people wanted ....... damn i wont be hired ~~~one scoop of tuna please ~~~woo bookstore ~~~wishes we were anime nerds ~~~no adult.... anime? ~~~have any condoms? *laughs* you had to ask so loud? ****GROSS teeth**** ~~~too many books too little time ~~~christ section ~~~woo astrology ~~~scorpios are freaks....... (leather wear, reproductive organs, power crazy) ~~~water = yin..... yin = negative energy...... my element = water NOTE: *Is sorry for the retardedness of this poast* It will be touched up later when I decide to care....... *and that wont be never*

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Theres Just Something About You

You my friend, yes you! You have an ass of large proportions. Now have a nice day.

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Monday, August 01, 2005

Happiness..... well..... between 75 and 85% of it.

n.n I got to play with squirrel monkeys!!! They're so damn cute and I Love em' ! <3

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Hello. Its always weird when you start a post cuz ur like, merrr, how should i start this post...... but anyways, yea. Mini golfing with murphy, bryce, nicole, and rosalie was pretty great, the bumper boats were AWESOME!!!!! whats sad is we didnt even golf much, i think i did like one hole and then was like..... eh, this sucks, lets do..... bumper boats! and ARCADE! it was pretty sad though, because even after nicole gave me her tickets we didnt have enough for anything. Plus rosalie and I were UBER hungry so we spent our tickets on 4 tootsie rolls....... what fatties we are (plus after that we ater 2 churros each and some onion rings) so that was pretty fun. the saturday we went picnicing (nicole, me, rosalie, ashley, marco and some other people) and it was pretty awesome. It was all types of funny (murphy.... i said "all types") when ashley dropped her cell phone in the storm drain. all I have to day is....... Uncle wally is the most talented person of my life. So Later I had to jump this canyon thin and I swear...... I thought I was going to not make it and fall on my face and die or something.... it was horrible. On sunday *thinks really really hard* oh I REMEMBER! I went ranching.... woopie! it wasnt all that exciting, but it was fun. i dont know how I feel about it yet. Today is monday *points to the date on the top of the post* see! Today Nicole and I decided we are going to walk in the AIDS walk in San Francisco this sunday. We're pretty excited because walking is our party. I need to raise $150 dollars..... I SO WILL!!!!!!!! yea, nicole and I, we'll be partying alllllll sunday long. for 6.2 miles that is.

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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Sometimes I want to die

FuCk It AlL.

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Saturday, June 25, 2005

The Dollar


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San Francisco

Ok, so today Ricky, Lauren and I went to San Francisco. It was kinda sad because i was like SOOOO pumped to go to the gay pride parade, but its not till tomorrow and I cant go v.v sadness. owell. So anyways, we went to go to the city and it took us like two hours just to get there, *sigh* BUT we are so the ultimate MUNI MASTERS (M.M.)! its was intense. Before we got on the train though we met some of Gino's brothers. They were two jahovas witnesses of greatness. So we were on this bus and it was uber crowded and i was dieing. Then some awesome, beautiful, wonderful black man came on the muni and took a stack of papers and sat on them on the steps of the back exit door. I told him he was smart and had the right idea, and then he handed me some papers and I sat next to him. It was wonderful, we talked of all sorts of things, we are best friends, I will never forget him. So after going J-town (thanks ricky for the abriviation) we went to Haight. It was pretty wonderful. when we got off the muni there was some crazy laughing man and he was so great. When we were on the muni there was a mentally challenged asian guy who would make noises and say "beep beep rargh boop baop" when ever the bus made beeping noises when a stop was requested. We also decided that retarded people are happy people and deserve the respect of all man kind. So we went shoppin at haight and it was so great. We all decided that we were going to purchase Industrial Goggles, yesssss we are so cool. When we were in the like.... las vegas show girl transvestite store it was beautiful and extreamly happy because its the day before the gay pride parade and people were gettin ready. so we were walking around and i saw some CRAZY guy with some CRAZY nails. They were the most disturbing thing ever. they were like three inches long and sharpened. they were also a brownish, orangeinsh yellow color. ewww. *shudder* I saw the most awesome sweatshirt ever, it was like purple with dark purple awesomeness and the hood.... omg the hood was like SO COOL. It was just like an executioner hood. ugh i want it so damn bad. ok, well i must depart now. here are some wonderful pictures of lauren and I being ravers: Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Thursday, June 16, 2005


Look Im a sassy pirate. I used to have an eye patch....... but I let marco borrow it, that was probobly a bad idea, but what eva. Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Weee Random Pictures.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Two Bad pictures of Me. Image hosted by Photobucket.com Lovely Pictures from last year: Nicole my love! Image hosted by Photobucket.com Coral, Lauren, Tara, Nicole Image hosted by Photobucket.com The Nerds, We gatta Love Em' Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Thursday, June 09, 2005


HAHAHA! I look like such a NERD! I love it. lol. Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Thursday, June 02, 2005


Nicole hates being stoned by little kids. I mean, I would hate it too, being hit by rocks isnt the best thing ever. Well right now im sittin in Mr.Raffa's biotech class listenin to music and talking about goats and all that jazz. And the girl in here has a massive forehead....... Well, I decided that Nicole and I are all that and a bag o chips. so yea was pretty o.k. thats it though...... Yesterday was pretty awesome though. after school we froliced and saw Star Wars episode III. It was very sexual and funny and all that fun stuff. It was sexual because when the sith lord had anican bow to him it looked like anican was giving the sith lord a bj and the lord was just like "ooo anican i can feel that the force is stong with you" and it was quite funny. It was kinda sad though because anican is so sexy when he turns evil..... but then he gets all burned by lava and is all deformed and gross, plus his legs and other arm get chopped off..... sadness. so during the movie there was a morbidly obese lady sleeping and it was just the best thing ever. I took a picture of her and its crazy because it u dont closely examine the picture is just looks like a blob of fat and ooze....... HAHAHAHAHA. So after the movie we went to the train station and were just chillin there and some crazy guy came up to us. he was just like "LADIES LADIES LADIES!!!! Look at this nice jacket! try it on girls.... c'mon, its quite nice, look at the detail in the leather!" and we were just like.... errrrrrrrr. "why do u want us to try it on" and he was just like "well i need money for the...... train..... well actually i just want to go out drinking with my buddies later" and iwas just like "well i dont have money and i dont want to buy that jacket because its pretty janky..... BUT I WILL SO TRY IT ON! so i did and ginnie, tara p. and ricky scolded me..... but it was still great. and then i went on the train and hit my head on the thing. and some weird guy was like talking to us and he like dated renita and it was weird. And he got like a restraining order from the school and hes like not allowed to come near c-mont. and it was really really weird and im glad he sat infront of tara and ginnie instead of me and ricky cuz we didnt really hav to talk to him and it was all good. So yea, thats about it. <3

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Sunday, May 29, 2005


Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The San Carlos Take Over

1.Prepare small S.C. army for Belmont take over!!!! Prepare all gas chambers for the non conformist 2. Use propaganda for support appeal to stoners with legalization of drugs make ourselves seem great :D 3. Kill all the non followers(especially that asian kid!!!)* the one we talked too not the whole race 4. Build up our military supplies 5. Move into Belmont and TAKE CONTROL!! 6. Take the Belmont survivors and move directly into the flats i.e. Redwood Shores and Foster City 7. Rest and rebuild and re arm and brain wash the new population 8. Use Coral and her special Hook ups to take over RWC. 9. Move in and Take over San Mateo 10. Make strategic alliance with Oakland 11. Supply Oakland with weapons (good ones but not as good as ours) 12.Move into San Francisco and use forces to take over 13. Go over to Ocean Cities like Half Moon Bay and Pacifica and take control 14. After again rebuilding, Use Forces and betray Oakland and take over there 15. Move into Palo Alto and conquer everything including EPA 16. Go to Santa Cruz and take control 17. Take some time to rebuild and reinforce army 19. Move down to so cal and take over San diego first and then move into LA 20. The rest of the southern California cities will fall easily because of our army’s immense size 21. Go up North and take Sacramento 22. Go farther up and Take the Californian part of Tahoe 23.Central California will also fall easily because they are mostly farmers and I can relate to them and tell them Ca will be a much more agricultural place once we have control (plus our new Davis dweller Rosalie may be of some help.... she can control davis or something as a reward) 24. Fight those who wont go along with us (using our nifty resources) 25. we will declare California’s independence from America ( I secretly know the word for that)26. Scientists in The NEW SAN Carlos!!!!! (ex California) will figure out how to make California a separate island and cut us off from the United States 27. I will control North/ Bay Area (head quarters) san carlos nicole will have south san carlos and coral can control the central valley area 28. we will create many new laws and ppl will only ride horses no cars or hardcore environmental polluters will be permitted 29. We will create the University of San Carlos and it will be the top university in the world and every dweller in San Carlos will be educated with free health care 30. And everyone will run naked on the first rain......... (we had an abundace of money for this entire opperation.... and we stole stuff....... and other highly confidential things you cant know about)

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Jesus is Coming

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Monday, May 23, 2005


This is SO cool. lol, go check it out: http://albinoblacksheep.com/flash/zoomquilt.php

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Sunday, May 22, 2005



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Saturday, May 21, 2005


Yea so yesterday was friday and i didnt do anything until like 5. but anyways, at 5 i went over to laurens house and froliced with everyone who was there (lauren, nicole, ricky, coral, tara and the dictator.) And by the way, to all those people.... beastiality is a bad thing and its totally not my style...... lol. so yea, ricky and I left while they were fil,ing and froliced in the grass and then in the creek. I totally made a wonderful glorious waterfall in the creek..... but only ricky knows of its........ er..... GREATNESS!!!!!!!! so after that ricky was hungry but was too embarrased to get food so I had to get it and bring it out for us. lol. sadly ricky had to leave early. so later we ate dinner and discussed how San Carlos was going to take over belmont (its too lame to capitalize) and rule over them and then take over Redwood Shores, so that we would have a gian San Carlos empire and nicole coral and I would rule. and we had a burping contest and an argument on all the thing that were better about San Carlos. AFTER DINNER I PLAYED DDR!!!its always been my dream to DDR and i played it for the second time at laurens house (the first time was last weekend) and i was super pumped. ok, so yea then i went home and was alone. And then today i was bored and my mom totally attacked me this morning and yelled at me and crazyness. But after that she chilled out and we went to home town days. So home town days was great and all, but i had an allergic reaction to the sun and then some 10 year old was like poking me and asking me if i was a goth and all this stuff. But that was funny because so many people ask me that its crazy and i dont even LOOK gothic, but for some reason people seem to address me about it. (gothic clay, gothic water, murphy and I's gothic persona with a big red church goer hat, the child, and so many other occasions). but owell. Im totally going to johns birthday party in an hour and im SUPER PUMPED!!!!!! (I originally wrote pimped by accident and i thought that was amusing.) ok yea, and thats it.................. <3

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<3 <3 Interpretive dance wonderfulness! <3 <3

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Monday, May 02, 2005

Wow yea i totally havent posted in a million years. owell, sorry i have deprived you of my wonderfully interesting and bitchin life. But you can get over it...... well anyways, like lots of stuff has happened! im so fat and lazy that i will just tell you what happened last weekend. well on friday we decided that we wanted Q-cup, so we went to San Mateo. I was like crazy and ate everything i could. So we walked around and did stuff and ended up walking to the far end of San Mateo about 5 or 6 blocks before 3rd street when Nicole and I decided, HEY lets walk home to San Carlos! So we began our epic journey. Nicole and I were the leaders of Coral, Erica Ma, and Lauren so we just told them that we were going to the "store down the street". we got to 4th street and seperated from the group...... they couldnt handle the intenseness. so yea, we totally walked all the way home and we felt so accomplished. on saturday I didnt really do anything at all. it was kinda sad. Tara did sleep over however, but she didnt come over until like 8:00ish. or something like that, but it was fun. So sunday i went shoppin and got some new spiffy stuff. and later that day i went to nicoles little shin dig. that was fun, we jumped on the trampoline, hung out, went swimmin and stuff. it was enjoyable. so yea today is monday. and well, it wasnt all that great, kinda boring. I was going to walk home but then i took scoot, and it kinda sucked cuz like everyone got off at the same stop so i was like...... all alone..... with the bus driver lady and it was kinda wierd. but owell, i didnt have to walk home (even though i live pretty close...... I a fat lard so its ok). and then i burnt my finger while making toast and now it has a hurt spot on it and its sad v.v ok, so yea....... i will post more soon, when something interesting happens........

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Monday, April 11, 2005


Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

ok, i know nicole totally wrote this, but you must bask in its beauty!!!!! SOCAL trip = ~baby man csi ~ waking up super early ~ beautiful thing at the airport ~ apple christmas ~ raining all weekend ~ big tongan EOP guy at long beach ~ ghram crackers and panda express ~ 53% asian at uc irvirne and how jessica cant be with an asian ~the ant eater ~pink and green sweatshirt ~trendy ppl ~raffa bashing ~little cult town ~cult training college ~crazy college man from cult ~crazy groups of cult kids at dairy queen ~complaining ~beautiful billboard ~erica ma = bernie mac ~hotel across from disney land ~only going to downtown disney ~not hot enough for free tickets ~happy music between enternces ~not being able to decide on dinner ~bridget in her bra ~eric and mikes perfect date ~indepth conversation about avril Jessica and Nick ~Fat squierls ~cup of mashed potatoes ~wet seal with jessica ~eating chocolate ice cream ~john the sexy model bus driver ~costly burger king bathrooms ~a positive flight experience ~our flight attendent friend

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Monday, March 14, 2005

The most Beautiful car ride ever!

When we were in the car murphy and I were laughing our asses off, it was great. first we decided to roll down the window, blast music, and stare menicingly at the guy in the car next to us. it was funny cuz we couldnt stop laughing and then he started to laugh at us. after that we made fun of other people and discussed beautiful things. then we were at a stop light and murphy was distracted laughing at a dancing pedestrian while i looked to my left to see a fat asian lady peek around her window, look at me, and then lean back into her seat. she did it twice and it was just great. *high five* I would go on a road trip with murphy any day. <3

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Weekend Frolicage

Hello..... yea i havent posted in forever! >.> but yea, last weekend rocked pretty hard. On friday nicole, lauren, murphy, tati, tara and I froliced at the store. We kept asking dawn if she was wearing a body suit and it was funny, but then i said something really mean to her (i hate her) and murphy felt bad so she tried being nice but then dawn attacked her and it was sad and we hate her. After that we went to mr.raffa's room and hung out. (yea, we're nerds like that). While we were there there was an announcement that a fire hydrant had been broken and water was everywhere. we were super pumped and decided to go see it. we didnt know where it was so we ended up running thru the whole school all retarded like, but we finally found it and froliced in the river. Then we went to laurens house and watched Dance 360. it was great and all i have to say it, "CrAzY GyM ShOeS". after dance 360 we went to chevys and we tied a bunch of balloons to raffas car. we did a bunch of stuff and we had the most awesome waiter ever. Sergio, we dont really know what language he spoke, cuz he didnt understand english or spanish, even though he somehow spoke both. we arent really sure. then that night wen i got home i cut and died my hair.... woo. On Saturday i sat on my ass and did nothing..... but thats okay, because im and undercover fat black man. That night though rocked SO hard. my friends David, Kate and I went over to half moon bay and layed on the beach for ever. It was awesome cut the sky and ocean were really pretty. Sunday i went to the ranch.... nothing exciting, cept some dumbass adult man tried to ride a pony, he was actually sitting on it and probobly like killing its back. mer what a dumbass. Hayley is determined to make me wear a short skirt... psh, whatever, she will never prevail... ever. but yea thats about it. you just wish you were this exciting, but probobly not....

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Saturday, January 22, 2005

WOOOO! okie, so yea, i kinda went picture crazy, but now u hav something to look at. so yea....... GO LOOK ^_^

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Monday, January 17, 2005


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MADNESS, TOO MANY PICTURES! nicole contemplating my friends and I bowling me.... my rose pic. my cat and the dinosaur moley moley moley *playdough island, playdough island, hmmm hmmm hmm blah blah blah blah*

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Monday, January 10, 2005


OMG!!! its an interpretive dance spider man!

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Nicole and I's Winter Adventure

Well, This saturday nicole and i went on a wonderful winter adventure. nicole had come over on friday and spent the night. on saturda after eating out nutricious breakfast and watching the Salt Water Crocodile v.s. the Great White Shark, we decided to actually do something. nicole then discovered the hover disc in my closet. We decided to go to arguello and play with it. We bundled up for our winter adventure and went on our way. When we got to the park the lawn was flooded with like 3 inched of water. we both had on non water resistant shoes so we decided not to have a hover disc party. instead we decided to walk down town, of course when we decided this it started to pour rain. since we didnt have an umbrella we used the hover disc, its worked ok....... but it often caught the wind and made it really hard to carry. so on our way to town we ended up stranded on the top of the dog trail. we didnt want to go down the path to the field because it was like a giant mud slideness. so we decided to walk thru the private property, even after passing like 5 KEEP OUT signs. On our journey thru peoples back yards in search of the main road nicole slipped on a round thing that fell from a tree, she almost fell but she grabbed my arm and was saved (although we both almost fell). we then went thruought town and saw murphy, ricky, tara and erica at central. murphy had a very hairy neard mask and tara had a wierd dress on. we laughed at them and then went to laurel street to get some pizza. we were happy because the overly perky guy wasnt there, we celebrated. But then some wierd creepy customer came in and he was creepy. after that we went to murphy's house and then i went home. And that my friends is nicole and i's winter adventure.

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Sunday, December 19, 2004

WOOOO pollness

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Saturday, December 18, 2004


Well this friday was a minimum day. It was pretty cool, first and second period were........ well........ like they always were.......... so boring that students plot their own demise just to escape. but third period tara lived to serve raffa and nicole and i live to make his life more difficult. but, we love you mr. raffa (and if you quit i will not go to college and fail at life and kill myself, and you will feel guilty because its all your fault). but anyways, we watched the nightmare before christmas, which totally rocks. in fourth period my teacher was decrepid and couldnt speak so we did nothing and mingled all period. in 5th period w/ mr. raffa again we watched gatica and i was sad because my favorite character (the wheel chair bound hot guy) burned himself in a fournace. In 6th period kate and i had dance. we werent doing anything so kate and i decided to leave and go to mrs. codians class instead. we went there and nicole and ian had that class. we sat and hung out and i decided i wanted to try the lip venom (special crazy lipgloss). It was okie at first, but then my lips were in pain and cold and it burned and it was so horrible and it hurt, but the pain = lucious plump red lips. okie....... just what i want ( actually i didnt want the "lucious" lips, i just wanted to feel what it felt like to put on this gloss). but it was crazy and the pain was fun to talk about. after school we went to san mateo and saw a series of unfortunate events. it was quite good. after the movie we mingled around san mateo and did stuff. we then went to laurens house and watched tv and ate stuff. we watched degrassie and i laughed when spinner said "i thought i pissed myself, but i realized i was drentched in ricks blood", i dont know why i laughed......... its not really funny, but i guess im sick like that. im not even gona mention what nicole and i laughed at.................. >.>

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okie, if you are anyone who is cool, important or alive you shall start saying SOL instead of LOL, sol is infinite times way cooler. sol = snort out loud = YES = inteligent = if you use this ur cool and inteligent and everyone loves you lol = laugh out lout = NO = dumb = if u use it your dumb ok, now go frolic and speak of sol and spread it through out the world!!!!!!!

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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Cray-z San Mateo

well, last sunday nicole and I went to san mateo and saw National Treasure. I liked it. ITS A CLUE! sorry, but anyways. after the movie we aimlessly walked around san mateo after getting good nourishment from KFC of course. we tuned right on the main street and walked past La Cumbre. We went thru the neighborhood and felt a little uncomfertable because, well, lets just say we didnt really fit in. so then we went down an alley (just the place someone wants to go when they feel owkward etc.) and marveled at the field of clovers, it was sooooooo green it was crazy. we wanted to frolic in it, but people would have stared and thrown stuff at us. as we were walking to the other side we passed thru the train station parking lot and we happened to see snow enclosed in a small area of hay. it was beatuiful because ive never really been to "tahoe" snow, just "skyline" snow and we played in the snowbox until we got dizzy from spinning and my feet got wet. but anyways, we went to the asian markets, iciban kan and suruki market, and spent our $ on swords and asian food. it was fun and nicole and i declared ourselves samuries until we become ninjas. then i bought a melon flavored drink (the one with the marble in it) and when i poked out the marbel like half of my drink exploded all over the place and nicole and I wished the napikan guy was there. When we finally decided to go home, we went to the train station and ended up waiting for our train for like an hour. when we sat on the bench a crazy man came and sat next to us. he was asking us for $2 for vodca, but we were like, ummmmm were poor and have no money. he also said to go to paris and live life to the fullest and everything. he was creepy, but in the end nicole and i loved him and decided that after that experience we were different, better people. he was a catalyst in our lives. SOL after that we went home and did nothing and it was exciting, and that ends our day in san mateo, for now......

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Saturday, December 11, 2004


asian man: "now this is rock and roll" http://albinoblacksheep.com/flash/woknwoll.php

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Monday, November 29, 2004

Hehehe destroyer of worlds

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Hit Counter

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Friday, November 19, 2004

Stealth Town

wow. today was pretty fun. firsh nicole, tara lauren and i went to lauren's house and hung out until like 7:30 when we left to see the play, our town. we saw the first par tand the actors were great, but the play........ anti climatic. we got uber bored and tara lauren and i decided to leave. nicole wanted to stay so we just decided to go to the quad and wait for her. and then it happened.............. STEALTH TOWN! only the chosen know what im talking about, and it was such a great experience, i feel as if this should go further and we can start a stealth cult and organize our stealth town outtings, it would be great. ^_^ after stealth town died down and we met back up with nicole we went to ihop. it was tastey and all i habe to say it, "your so great that you can not improve". also, the chocolate milk was really good and blended to perfection. ooh and *oh mickey ur so fine, ur so fine u blow my mind, clap clap clap." (although this mickey didnt really blow my mind with his finess). oh and one other thing, "da da da da dada dadadda *clap clap clap* dadadadadadadadada *clap clap clap* da da dadadadadadada *spirit fingers* da da dadadadada. go camel dance!

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Monday, November 15, 2004

Kate and I's conversation about big v.s. small

pinata killer47: my ?s are smaller than the !s thuthasalliehai: well lots of things are smaller than other things. thuthasalliehai: deal. thuthasalliehai: lol. pinata killer47: lol pinata killer47: im smaller than mr cotter thuthasalliehai: true. pinata killer47: mr.cotter is freakishly tall! pinata killer47: FrEaK pinata killer47: ^_^ --> v_v* pinata killer47: point and laugh thuthasalliehai: lol. pinata killer47: lol pinata killer47 = me thuthasalliehai = kate

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Thursday, November 11, 2004

The last picture is now complete!

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I didnt know doing nothing could be so fun!

well, today hayley and I went to the ranch and it was super fun! well, at first we were really bored and retarded. we first went to friendly acres and it was closed and samuel and carlos were the only people there. they were shoeing the horses so we figured we'd help them and then catch a ride with them back to seahorse. so we were there and then tuson flipped out and pulled down the line. he pulled it so hard that he snapped this fat ass log/ post thing clear in half. it was crazy. after when we got over th seahorse we were just hanging out when arturo and javy were like "bye see ya later" and we were like wtf? where u going. they were going to do their laundry, and we were bored so......... we went with them. it was so fun. lol. Arturo sucks at doing laundry. he didnt seperate the colors or anything, just threw them all together. then he decided he wanted to clorox his clothes. when i saw him grab the clorox i attacked him, because it would of ruined all of his clothes. after that he didnt measure out the soap, he just put in half the tub. lol, i love arturo. when we finally got back to the ranch it was pouring rain and the ranch had closed. Hayley, Arturo and I then ran to his house and sat in there for like and hour and a half and watched TV. hayley was sitting on the bed and i fell and she like screamed and jumped up and like punched me in the face and kneed me in the stomach, all by accident. it was funny as hell. after a while igor came in and decided he wanted to watch fairly oddparents. The show was really janky and didnt really work, but he had to watch it. id get up and turn it off and then he'd get up and turn it on. this went on for a while until it got physical and we were wrestling eachother for the tv switch, i won 3 out of 4 times, but the 4th time he picked me up and carried me away from the tv and i got all retarded. after that hayley and i went to igor's house and were waiting for like 30 min. for people to meet us there when finally we were like wtf? and it ended up every1 like left, but they had just gotten back when we came out. later we struggled to put gator's tarp on his RV and pikis told us waaaaaay too much information (im not even goin to get into it). lol, then erica called me and our conversation consisted of her bitching out her fatass sister and saying hello about 7 times. and i thought it was funny because all the guys (arturo, javy, pancho, lucio, igor, oswaldo, and erica....) said they'd come to my party, and i can just picture one side of the room teenage children and the other side middle aged mexican men..... oh that is a beautiful image. lol. alot more also happened but im way to lay-z to think about it. so yea. thats a general day @ the ranch, woohoo.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

My alice tribute :D

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For all the Bush Haters

this is funny, somebody made an apology to the world for our electing Bush.

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my Wednesday which was a friday

today was a friday on a wednesday, sounds spiffy yes, but not really. i went home and did nothing. But later nicole came over and we went to boston market for dinner. It was nicole's dream to go there, so we went and it was glorious. after we went to boston market we went to orchard supply, or some tool store place. it was fun. we looked at all the things and we turned on all of the x-mas singing thingys. nicole and i also talked to each other through a long tube thingy and i really had to pee. but anyways. nicole and i also made a new friend named Mac and he had a friend named cheese, so i thought i share that. ok. yea

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Thursday, November 04, 2004


Well, today was interesting. actually i lied......... it wasnt. but nicole was like cursed and was like dieing! first she ran into the door thing and it cut her, then she tripped or something, and the she hurt herself again in the biotech classroom, and as she was headin to her next class she said she almost fell down the stairs. lol. and also, some girl ran into my milkyway! ugh, the nerve of her!!! lol. im offended. i wish i had a coin opperated boy. owell. nicoles blog is georgious also, go check it out! www.montecorerox.blogspot.com woohoo, par-t.

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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

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i wish my vegetables looked like this

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im so fat inside

I decided that on the inside im morbidly obese. Im also extreamly lay-z. im so fat and lay-z that i want to eat my candy bars, but im too lay-z to open the wrappers. ugh, so difficult. yes! sweet victory!!!!!!!! mmmmmm, twix (*plays "its all in the mix" tune in head*) im currently listening to offspring and im temporarily happy, which means happiness is flowing from my armpits. woohoo. im so bored that i decided to go online which just reinforces my boredom and makes it worse to the point where i just do nothing and stare at the screen, but i make it look like im not a loser. :D not that i have anyone to impress in the first place. owell. so yea, nicole is beautiful with her blogness, and so is this: www.whitninjacomics.com/archive-comics.shtml ok........ i think im done for now. so yea.

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Monday, October 18, 2004

filling in

hey hey hey! well yea. i actually has a ranch free weekend last weekend and now i miss it. but thats okie. any ways. if u saw nicoles blogspot (http://montecorerox.blogspot.com/) than you know that there was a PAR - T on saturday which was quite a blast. woohoo. we smelt people as well as many other priceless things. (c'mon baby and give me some lovin) anyways. on saturday morning i took the psat and it totally drained my of life and everything else. after that i went to the mall and looked like i got in a fight with a death stick or something along thoses lines and i tripped over everything (even a garabage can while sampling punkin waffles) so that was interesting. ricky and i are now official losers with our tarot cards (not magic cards) and such. but its all good. on sunday murphy, tati, bryce and i went and saw team america world police and it was beautiful. (matt damond) and now we have two or more new fun songs (including everyone has aids, america FUCK YEA, and ronrey : aka lonley) and i am totally buying the soundtrack. but yea. tomorrow is a field trip which has (my dream....almost) a BUFFET!!!!!! woohooooooo!!! :D i love food. C: well........ at the moment i cant really think of anything else to say, but if i think of anything else...... well i'll post it, go figure. so yea. LOVE! :D

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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

im back! mwahahahahaha!

mwahahahaha you cant read what im writing! yay i love this!!!!!!!!!!! weeeeeee lol ok im done. wow that was invigorating. hahaha you'll never know what i wrote. HEY! i love you = i love you. how fun. ok, anyways. so yea, as you can see, i have had no time over the summer to add to my blog, but now that im back in hell.....*cough cough*....... i mean school, i have plenty of time. so yea, this summer i basically lived at "the ranch" (home away from home) and now my friends hate me for it, but hey, i love you guys too. the ranch was loads of fun, and now i just go on da weekends. but HEY! this friday if muffin friday and the first hobbit conigiting of the year! how exciting. today nicole bought a muffin and it was cray-z crumblyness. she stuffed it all (except for the part she used for muffin new year) in her mouth and then made disturbing, but hilarious noises. they were so beautiful that i recorded them and took a picture of her. ok, so anyone that loves wonderful things will go here: http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/mikomiko.php. NOW GO!!! GO GO GO!!!! YYY love ya guys! YYY

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Sunday, June 06, 2004

fun at the ranch with ricky!

ok, today i went to the ranch with ricky, bet u didnt know that. it was very boring, but at the same time great. first we did nothing. then we went to capture the new horses for riding. they were cute and dandy. after that robert told us to fill up the waters. we were like ok, so we went to fill up the many many stalls with water. the hoses are soooooooooooo slow that it took like ten mins. just to fill up one already half way filled barrel! we were going to the other side when ricky turned around and tripped over a water pipe. well........ it broke. water was flowing and nothing would stop it. i was thinking to my self, hey i could be like that polish kid w/ his finger in the wall, but im not polish and its just a pipe. well that didnt work, i just got really wet. poncho just turned off the water and fixed the pipe, i tortured ricky the rest of the day. :D. nothin happened the rest of the day except for interesting conversations. but then something beautiful happened.lol. ricky dropped a granola wrapper and it was flying away. he chased it across the ranch every where. it was hilarious!!! when he finally caught it he trew it away. he then sat down and we were talking. five to ten mins later the granola wrapper flew out of the garabage and the look on ricky's face was sooooooooo priceless, as it was earlier when he got startled by a horse and when he broke the pipe. it was frickin great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was such a happy camper. oh i forgot the bitch slappin winds. it was so windy that the winds created minny sand storms. well, when you would turn your head you would be bitch slapped by flying dirt. :D:D i got something in my eye and it was extreamly painfull. merrrr. then robert decided to give me some wierd ass dominatrix bracelets (mine and ricky's minds were in da gutter and thats how the appeared to us), which were just from the new saddles. but they were like bracelets. but yea. thats bout it. except they shaved winnie and he is pretty now. kinda. :D

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Beach fun!

On saturday tati and i went to da beach. it was a super barrel of monkeys!first it was super foggy and cold, then we went into the ocean to boogie board. it was very fun. later there were seals in the water and they were making the typical seal noise, but stupid as people are everyone was like "dolphins dolphins!!!! omg dolphins, listen to the sounds they make!" they were dumb. then later more, tati and i decided, HEY! lets try and boogie board in a shallow flowing creek that goes into the ocean. so, we did. we ended up getting stuck to the ground and pushing ourselfs towards the ocean like fricken sea turtles. there were a few spots deep enough to let us flow a little, but thats were the children were, oooo the poor children. i "accedentially" ran over a few children, owell, my bad. im such a good person! ok, moving on. tati and i then decided to play in a tavernackle (what we call it, actually a very tiny cave thing) on the side of a cliff like thing. it was great, untill we jumped off landing on our faces in the sand. we then decided to frolic away and draw pictures in the sand. tati drew nice pictures and obsessive john pictures while i drew pictures of the grim reaper and other dandy things. hehehe. i later decided i wanted to build a house! tati didnt want to so i did it by myself. first i had to move a 100lb log. that was horrid. i ended up buildin a lever like thing w/ another stick to flip it, that didnt work, so i had to just roll/ semi- lift it. oh god that was horrible. but thats about all that happened that day. so yea. tata for now.

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Friday, June 04, 2004

OMG IM GOING TO DIE!!! this is a drill.

Today in biology we had an earthquake drill. it was funny because our desks were stable and i thought of all the other ghetto desks that would break and the child would die. well moving on, ricky and i were having a dandy time under our desks when dominic starts freaking out. dominic:OMG! theres an earth quake?!?!? OMG save me! i cant feel anything though. do you feel it? i cant feel it!!!! what is wrong?!? i cant feel it!!!!! Ricky and I:dominic its ok, its just a drill. it twas beautiful, and so was saying twas. o and earlier dominic decided to say everything in rapper styleness. Ricky and i almost killed him. Bio is a great class. while my group and others were working on their posters my teacher and her "aid" tiffani told me i was skinny and to put billions of paper towels on top of the wall edge thingy (that contains dust lions that go ROOOAAAR). well, the majority of the period was me and tiffani making paper towel pyramids. it was fun. later that day ricky and john came to my house and ricky retrieved a memory card and john stayed to await for tati and coral. he had some "bizzyness" with tati. hehehe.........eww-e. anyways tati and i were hug wrestling, ie: killing with love, when we both slid onto our backs, it was funny. and at the moment there is a hidden foxtail of death in my sleeve that pokes my wrist every time i type. IM GOING INSANE!!! i must gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! *shudder shudder shudder*

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Wednesday, June 02, 2004


ok i know it is sad i posted 4 thingies in one sitting, BUT in english class yesturday we were watching the oddessy (htf do you spell that!?!?) and it was at the part when the mother lady was going to kill herself. she was walking towards the ocean when all of a sudden penelope jumps infront of here and shouts a prolonged NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! then it looks at the mother again and you can see the maid in the background having a siezure like thing. their efforts to stop her death dont work and then the mom walks into the ocean and well, dissapeares. yea i dono. well we thought it would be great if we did this in science class! the teacher would announce that we're having a test and i would jump up and flail around the teacher shouting a prolonged NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Then after that i would go sit back down and have a siezure like thing and suddenly something will dissapear! its a plan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The beauty of the thing im about to discuss.

MURPHY"S BLOG IS BEAUTIFUL!! LOOOOOOOOK AT IT!!!!! LOOOOOOOOOOK AT IT!!!!! http://sicogoldfish.blogspot.com/ SO IT KATES BLOG!!!!!!!!! LOOOOOOOOOK AT IT!!!! LOOOOOOOOOOK AT IT!!!!!!!!! http://youcantseemyunderwear.blogspot.com/ ok, my mission here is done!

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The Ninja Old People!

Ok, you know how in movies nijas just appear out of nowhere?! Well murphy's mom and Mr.Cotter have mastered this art. Murphy's mom is a long story but to make it short, she spans from bushes at the mall. OK so today in history class murphy and i were looking for mr.cotter so she could turn in here death essay! but he was no where to be found. here is our conversation: Murphy: i wonder where mr.cotter is. Me: hey i do to, maybe he is hiding in a sinister corner behind the book cases like last time. Murphy: perhaps, lets ask the lady where he is. Me: the librarian? where mr.cotter is? Mr.Cotter: im here! Murphy and I: ahhh where is he?! *looking around library frantically* Us:where? Mr.Cotter:here! Us: ahhhhh its like your mom all over gain! Mr.cotter: under here! *mr.cotter pops up from under the library desk thingy* Us: ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm? *owkward moment*. THE END!!!!!!!!

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Monday, May 31, 2004

Blistas?! I dont have blistas!

Well this weekend was exciting. on friday Coral John and Matt came over and we made fun of the Harry Potter 1 (even thoguh i love harry potter)and went downt to the park. It was great, we tried box sledding, but the boxes were to big and would fly away in mid sled. Matt slid off of his box and got his back all nastyfied. John had mad monkey skills in tree jumping and such! wow. okie moving on. After box sledding Matt and I decided to climb "The Cliff" it was difficult, but we are alive. once we all met up at the top we went home. I wanted to take everyone to blood hill, but we had to vamanos. that is about all that i did on friday. On saturday i went to the hell zone, or otherwise known as the mall. i hate shopping at the mall, unless im with my friends and we dont really shop, we just run around looking like jackasses! its a barrel of monkeys. After the hell zone i came home and watched TV for 3 or 4 hours. I eventually got tired of watching TV so i called murphy and we went to the movies and saw shrek 2. I LOVED IT! shrek 2 totally rocks my socks! On sunday i went with nicole (accent on the e) to the farm to clean and stuff. At the farm theres a new girl and her and her parents are cray-z! i hate them. her dad is just wierd and is a crack hore. but her mom has "large physical proportions" and decides to bleach wood. Why the hell do you want bleached wood, its brown and nothing will change that, or atleast bleach wont. And why even bleach it?! the goats were just goin to shit and pee on it! owell. anyways, we got locked in the chicken coop and since im, as nicole says, anarexic I was able to reach my hand thru and unlock the gate. wow how dandy is that! later when nicole's goat came she discovered he was huge and by far the biggest out of all the goats. Since her goat was so huge and glorious, we named it Estaban! oh yea!! Later more on that day we went to Great America to discover we really hate it there. We went on a total of 4 rides (even w/ a disability pass NO LINES) and the majority of the time we sat down and ate while watching all the messed up people. We decided we really like fat people. They are funny. But the new words for fat are "large physical proportions". so yea. Nicole cut her toe and needed a bandade so we went to the "red house". at the "red house" there were wierd old fashion rocking chairs that no one ever sits in and a creepy guy who was creepy. here is our conversation with the wierd guy: Nicole: hi can i have a bandade? Cray-z Man: why, do you have a blister? Nicole: blista?! I dont have a blista! (sounding offended) Cray-z Man: okie? what happened? Nicole: i cut my toe Me:and shes bleeding perfusly onto the floor HURRY!! then he gave us a bandade and we left. on our way out we got trapped by the parade and we werre confused. On monday nothing happened except writing the glorious 6 page essay assigned by my favorite freakishly tall teacher, Mr.Cotter! here is a shout out to Mr.Cotter, I HATE YOU!!! EVERYBODY DOES!!!!! okie, im done now. go frolic in the tulip fields now!

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Friday, May 21, 2004


It will be called.... the Johnrus

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This is the picture i found on google! it makes my heart smile!!!

Walrus: I am the walrus! Dude: koo koo kachoo

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JOHN!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

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The AIM conversation w/ murphy *billy* of Death

KitKatEmail: yuperoni-the other peperoni...for the vegan viewers ShattteredSouL77: huh KitKatEmail: im not quite sure... ShattteredSouL77: hmmmmmmm ShattteredSouL77: peperonie ShattteredSouL77: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ShattteredSouL77: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ShattteredSouL77: mrs.tadasse KitKatEmail: i wrote yuperoni and it made me think or papperoni only like for vegans ShattteredSouL77: AHHHH KitKatEmail: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ShattteredSouL77: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh KitKatEmail: bad thoughts ShattteredSouL77: yes KitKatEmail: tainted mind ShattteredSouL77: 4sure KitKatEmail: bad thoughts ShattteredSouL77: yes KitKatEmail: tainted mind ShattteredSouL77: 4sure KitKatEmail: BAD THOUGHTS ShattteredSouL77: YES KitKatEmail: TAINTED MIND ShattteredSouL77: 4SURE KitKatEmail: BAD THOUGHTS KitKatEmail: TAINTED MIND ShattteredSouL77: YES ShattteredSouL77: 4SURE KitKatEmail: EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW-E KitKatEmail: BAD THOUGHTS! KitKatEmail: TAINTED MIND! KitKatEmail: EWWW-W KitKatEmail: -W-W-W-E KitKatEmail: BLAGH ShattteredSouL77: scream! ShattteredSouL77: help us o hobbit coniggit lords! KitKatEmail: WE MUST THROW PEPPERONI AT IAN AND THEN REMIND HIM ShattteredSouL77: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ShattteredSouL77: IT IS A PLAN!!!!!!!! KitKatEmail: YES KitKatEmail: EXCELLENT KitKatEmail: MUHUHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA ShattteredSouL77: MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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Dr.Wisdom: Evil Martha: Mark Llama Girbil Farmer: Scary Petifile Javes: Flying Gibbon:

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